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4.15.2022 - I'm new to this coding stuff... It'll be slow going, but it's kinda fun.

4.23.2022 - Currently in the process of moving out of state! Hoping to keep learning how to code after getting settled.

5.15.2022 - Settling in to an itty bitty apartment! I'll have to relearn the beginner coding stuff again. xD

6.02.2022 - Yup, I gotta relearn the basics. :/ Note to self: Something I'd like to try using this little site for is to have a tidy gallery for artwork and a place for commission info.

7.12.2022 - Slowly going to move my commission info from Google Docs to here! Hopefully I can make it look pretty. xD

7.13.2022 - Fussed a tiny bit with code. I should set a little bit of time aside every day to practice...

7.14.2022 - Starting to learn how to make a basic gallery page.

7.28.2022 - Been neglecting coding due to life stuff. Commission status set to CLOSED until further notice.

9.30.2022 - Commissions are open again! But site updates here will be on hiatus until further notice.

12.07.2022 - Holy cow, another move to another sate. Getting settled in now, though! I ought to return to this little corner of the internet...